Monday, October 1, 2007

Chasidic street dancing in Crown Heights!

When I ventured out of my apartment to report on Sunday evening, I didn't have a class assignment or any J-School project -- yet for some reason, I couldn't resist traveling down to Crown Heights at 9:30 p.m. Sure, I ended up writing an article, but I have no idea if it'll ever be published. Most likely, no one will ever read the story but me.

But that's when you know you really love the profession.

Last night, I visited the nabe to observe and take part in Chol Hameod, the festive days that follow Sukkot and lead up to Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. Saturday night through Tuesday night, revelers dance in the streets, from about 10 p.m. till 6:30 a.m. I only stayed till 2 a.m, because I didn't want to be traveling back from Crown Heights any later than that. I must say, it was a lot of fun, and I met several great people. While women can't participate in the public dancing, we were certainly able to watch the men in their horah circles and conga lines.

Here I am interviewing State Senator Eric Adams, who was accompanied by Rabbi Moshe Rabushkan, the head of Crown Heights Jewish Community Council. Photo credits to Ben Lifshitz (creator of the online news source

I only have one piece of advice after this event -- getting on the subway at 2 a.m. at Kingston Avenue is probably not the most brilliant idea, and transferring trains at Franklin Avenue is even more idiotic. While nothing happened to me, it was frightening to be standing alone on a platform at 2:30 a.m. for 15 minutes, waiting to switch from the 4 to the 2.

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