Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brooklyn Daily Eagle article

My first front page article............EVER!!

Crown Heights Group Races To Landmark Historic Houses
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 09-20-2007

Much of Area Isn’t Protected;
Threat of Demolition Looms

By Sharon Udasin
Special to Brooklyn Daily Eagle
CROWN HEIGHTS — Towering balustrades poke through hardwood floors, marking the entrance to each room in the tucked-away row house on Sterling Place. Delicately stenciled patterns garnish the rich maple decor, carving a permanent aura of warmth in northern Crown Heights.

Century-old housing lines the streets of the neighborhood, said Denise Brown, founder of a non-profit organization called Crown Heights North. The historic houses retain their originally vibrant color, rivaled only by the area’s diverse population.

But many of these homes could be at risk.

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